The Brushes drawing process (little tips)

abril 29, 2009 at 9:42 am (Brushes) (, , , , , )

Since we have no layers on Brushes, we need to paint first the background. I found that with this method, I have to think, to “see” the finished drawing before starting and this is a great and forgotten exercise for your “artist eye”.

I like to start these paintings by making a rough colored sketch with a middle-big brush just to see the global compositing
and, of course, the overall color.
If it’s a human figure in there, I draw it without details just to see the pose using a middle rounded brush with a 50%alpha color. This way I can overpaint where the shadows are supposed to be.

When I’m happy with this first step, I start sketching. Sometimes I use a Pogo Sketch stylus, but you don’t need it since Brushes has a 800% zoom. It’s because of the-pencil-sketching feeling why I use it.
Then, a great and important thing is the chance to choose the transparency of the colors. These things are very important to me:

Pure whites almost don’t exist
, so, try to use white with a middle transparency level (at last, in the first steps of painting those whites)

Shadows are not black!!
Look at a shadow in a sunny day… it’s more bluish than black, isn’t it?

-Use a mid-tone canvas to start your drawing, that way it’ll be easier to achieve the dark tones of shadows or bright ones from the light.



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